I am mine.

Before I am anyone else’s.

Nayyirah Waheed

Being a fashion blogger for already 7 months is more challenging than I have ever expected. Sharing with you is very new to me, and I do not want to give you the wrong impression. I am absolutely not a model, neither am I an influencer. Do you really believe that standing in front of the camera is easy? No, for me it is not. But let me tell you something, I am as vulnerable and insecure as you are, girl! Look in the mirror, now! Do you like what you see? You better do, because that girl in front of you will be the only person you have to share your whole life with. She is the one and the only person, who will listen to the thoughts in your head, see the tears in your eyes and more importantly – be there no matter what.

Don`t you have the feeling that digitalization and social media are putting us in a box? You look around and you see the perfection everywhere. Skinny girl with long hair, dressed in branded clothes, driving the last Mercedes model, headed to the Michelin restaurant, where the bouquet of 1001 roses will be awaiting her. Sounds exactly like your role model, right? But this is what you see, what I see, what we are enabled to see. What about “behind the scenes”?

What is more important at the end of the day to be truthful to your own values.

You have thousands of role models and all of them seem to be perfect. Influencers are everywhere. You want to look like them so you start comparing. In what way is she better than me? Why can’t I be her? Why am I not the one receiving the 1001 roses? (Which actually reminds me that Valentine’s day has just passed and not receiving an attractively arranged bunch of flowers, that is suitable for an Instagram post, did not make me feel less loved.) Materialistic things are measurable, but love is not. Quality over quantity, as I love to say.

Be careful who you let be part of your life.

No surprise that you are wondering why my blog post is on this topic, especially in the love month. Well, some recent situations, that I was not directly involved in, made me think deeper about relationships – their meaning and how they affect us. Normally you are in a relationship with the person you love. You let this person be part of your life – happiness and sadness, downs and peaks.

How could you let someone destroy you?

And I mean mentally. No one is more than you and has no right to disharmonize your dreams, your world. We all are equal and the fact that someone is in a more favorable position right now does not mean that it gives him the right to influence your life negatively or make you feel insecure. Love yourself enough that you know when to leave. Be your first priority and do not let someone else replace you.

Have you ever thought of being an independent woman? Yes, me too. This is the reason why the inner security should be definitely in line with the way of self-expression. And I start off with my outfit of course – from head to toe dressed with the outstanding Bulgarian brand Rose Cream Fashion. As a compliment to my skinny leather jumpsuit, this time I chose the cage-shaped bag for the favorite red lipstick and long-lasting perfume essence. Not to mention the killer statement in my outfit – the extravagant fringe belt, which guarantees that I will be catching all of the eyes. And what is more appealing than a classy outfit with a discount? It`s exactly the Rose Cream jumpsuit from my pictures, coming along with 50% OFF. How does this sound? Hurry up!

Being thrilled about my long-awaited holiday now. The first new year months were hard-working for me and I will definitely enjoy my days off. But do not think that I will forget you, because I have been planning ahead some new exciting features and projects.

And don`t you forget me, stay tuned.

*линк* ?? Прочети поста на Български! ??  *линк*

Outfit: Rose Cream | Photographer: Zlatina Georgieva

Outfit: Rose Cream | Photographer: Zlatina Georgieva

Outfit: Rose Cream | Photographer: Zlatina Georgieva

Outfit: Rose Cream | Photographer: Zlatina Georgieva

Outfit: Rose Cream | Photographer: Zlatina Georgieva

Outfit: Rose Cream | Photographer: Zlatina Georgieva


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