Once upon a time I had a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair. Then I started dying it. It was not “pretty” enough. Then I put on some “fabulous” extensions, because my hair was not long enough. 🙌 And then you can imagine where the story went.  My own hair turned literally into one of a kind disaster. Few months ago I decided to recover my hair, and bring it back to life. My life saver was the product treatment by Moroccanoil®, which I consider as one of the best affordable hair recovery and preservation solutions out there on the market. In this blog post I will share both some information about the product and my personal opinion.

What is Moroccanoil®?

Moroccanoil® is a hair product, infused with antioxidant-rich Argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, which transforms your hair into the silky, shiny and nourished one. The oil has been derived from the kernels of the Argan tree`s fruit, which could be only found in Morocco. The product is more expensive compared to the other hair oil, due to the fact that the tree has been only grown in a particular small area and the supply is relatively low. The pure Argan oil has a golden yellow colour and has a strong roasted nutty smell. When it comes to the product by Moroccanoil, I would say that it smells better than any luxurious hair perfume scent.

What are the benefits of Moroccanoil®?

On the first place, Moroccanoil® could help you maintain a highly moisture texture of your hair, especially is your hair is prone to be dry. Since the oil is very nutritious in Vitamin E and antioxidants, it battles the free radicals and leaves you with silky and smooth hair. The oil naturally revitalizes the hair, while increasing its elasticity, which results in shiny hair, we are all wishing for. Another important benefit especially during the summer period is the UV protection of the product. Last, but definitely not least I believe that if you are using heat treatment as much as I do, using an oil protection is a must if you would like to maintain a healthy hair.

How do you apply it?

There is no right or wrong way to apply the product. There are 3 most common ways:

  • Apply a small amount of the product on clean, towel-dryed hair starting from the mid-lenght to the ends. Blow dry your hair or leave it dry naturally.
  • Apply some drops of the product on your dry hair, in case you would like an additional dose of some shine finishing to your hairstyle.
  • Add some product into your conditioner and apply as usual. Let it stay for few minutes and rinse it with water. In this way you can continuously enrich your scalp with the needed vitamins and antioxidants.

If you have never had the chance to try the Moroccanoil® magical hair/body products , follow the links below.

My special mask treatment for hair recovery

I am a huge fan of natural ingredients and vitamins when it comes to taking care of my skin, hair or nails. Few months ago I decide to do all in my power in order to recover my hair and turn it into a luxuriant, glossy and healthy one. My hairstylist have me a simple treatment, which is absolutely affordable, accessible and it actually helped me more than you can image.

The ingredients are:

  • Moroccanoil® treatment serum
  • Conditioner of your own choice
  • Avocado and Moringa oil extract

I recommend you to add 10ml Moroccanoil® treatment serum and approximately 10ml from the other oil extracts into your conditioner and mix until they get into a homogeneous mixture. You can apply this Vitamin-infused mask into your clear, wet hair and let it stay for at least 10 min. Rinse after and enjoy the glossy hairstyle of yours.

What is your favourite hair product so far? Let me know in the comments below!


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